Placement Policy

At Dental Placement Services we believe in being easy to do business with. Our dental placement policy is very straight forward but should you have any questions, please ask – we’re here to meet your needs.

policy report

Our dental placement policy is written in plain language with no fine print.

Temporary Placements

Temporary staff placed in your office are working for Dental Placement Services therefore, there is no need for you to set them up on your payroll system since they are paid by us. We charge a flat daily fee plus an hourly rate for any temporary employee we place in your practice.

Each temporary placement will complete a time sheet which must be signed by the employer to verify the hours worked. Dental Placement Services will invoice the employer weekly for the hours worked (subject to a 4 hour minimum). Payment is due upon receipt of invoice unless otherwise agreed.

If you decide that you would like to hire that person, you may do so, but only after a minimum of 120 temporary hours have been logged and upon payment of a placement fee. The amount of the placement fee will vary according to the circumstances. Please ask for a quote – it’s fast and free.

No Risk Guarantee

If a temporary placement fails for any reason we will provide a qualified replacement as quickly as reasonably possible, at no cost to you.

Full-Time and Part-Time Permanent Placements

There is no upfront fee to register with us. Placement fees are payable when you hire someone we have referred to you. Our placement fees are very competitive so give us a call for a free quote or fill out our online form.

No Risk Guarantee

If a full-time or part-time permanent placement fails for any reason within 6 months, we will provide one qualified replacement as quickly as reasonably possible, at no cost to the employer provided that our placement fee has been paid according to agreed terms.

If, rather than obtaining a replacement through us, you hire for the same position through a different agency or through some other means, a credit for the full amount of the placement fee will be offered which can be used against a future placement. No monetary refund will be made.

Should you hire a candidate referred by us within a 12-month period after the initial referral, our regular placement fee will apply.

written guarantee

We put our no risk guarantee in writing.


All information you provide to us will be held in complete confidence as must all information we provide to you. Specifically, all information pertaining to a candidate such as resumes and contact data must not be given to other agencies or employers. Should one of our candidates be hired by another employer as a direct result of having been referred by you, payment of our placement fee will become your responsibility.  Disclaimer: Dental Placement Services is not responsible for any misconduct, damage, injury or loss from any referrals or placements made.