Health and Safety Testimonials

In the spring of 2013 I was given the elected position of “Health and Safety Officer.” I was very overwhelmed with this position and not really sure where to begin. My employer had heard of Brenda Moffatt and suggested I ask her if she could help out.

Brenda’s service is amazing! She came to our office with a health and safety binder which at first glance seemed overwhelming but she put my worries at ease.

Brenda is very professional and organized! She helped me understand what my duties were and gave me templates of all the forms I would need filled out. She let me know what I had to present to the office, gave me suggestions on how to do it and even offered to come in if I needed it. She gave me suggestions on which courses I would find helpful.

Throughout this process I was able to call or email Brenda about any questions I had and she always responded very courteously and very promptly.  I do not think I could have done this process without the help and support of Brenda Moffatt.

Thank-you Brenda!

Barbara Cuda, OH&S representative

Dr. Doug Beaton, Kitchener